General Questions

What curriculum do you follow?
We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum alongside The Curiosity Approach® and Birth to Five Matters.
What is a Key Person?
A key person is allocated a group of children, they are responsible for settling your child and caring for their individual needs, following personal care routines, planning and recording, learning and your first point of contact and communication about your child.
Is there a sleep or rest time?
Yes, there is a special room set aside for your little ones to have a nap when they need one. Featuring very soft lighting and lovely cosy cushions, we have created a peaceful space for any sleepy-heads.
Is outdoor play supervised?
All outdoor play is supervised, your child is never left unattended in outdoor areas.
How do we communicate?
We use Famly - an online nursery management system - to record information regarding your child. We use this as our main point of communication. You can send messages, notify us of absences, request extra days. Medications and accidents are also recorded on Famly as well as your child's progress. Verbal handovers are given daily on collection. In addition we use our website and Facebook.
What are the staff qualifications?
A high proportion of our staff are educated to NVQ Level 3 or above, with many holding advanced qualifications and certifications in childcare as well as First Aid, Catering and other relevant skills.
How are the fees determined?
You can see a full breakdown of our fees on our Resources page.
My child has special dietary requirements, is this OK?
We try our utmost to accommodate the vast majority of dietary requirements so please do let us know if you have any questions regarding your child’s specific needs.
What do we need to provide?
Drawstring bag with water bottle, change of clothes, wellies and slippers.
Will my child get messy?
Yes! Please dress your child for mess or alternatively you can purchase uniform to avoid spoiling of clothes.
Do we need to pay for meals?
Yes - Breakfast is £1. Snacks are 50p each. Lunch and Tea are £2 each. Alternatively, you can provide a lunchbox.
Who is the Setting's Special Educational Needs Coordinator? (SENCO)
Sophie, speak to her in confidence about any concerns you have about your child’s development or health conditions.
Who is the Setting's Safeguarding Lead?
Angela, speak to her in confidence if you have any safeguarding concerns.

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